Naga Ceyon: You are Never Alone

Follow young Antoinette as she begins her journey to become a warrior


Welcome to The Zone

Inside each of us

      exists great power...

 The Zone Chronicles follows the journey of a young girl named Antoinette on the path to become a warrior. One of the many lessons that she learns is the meaning of "Eien's Emblem," the symbol that is illustrated on the front cover of Book 1, Naga Ceyon. Its meaning is: "Trust. You are Never Alone. Have courage and strength always."

​ There are two worlds mentioned in the first novel, a slightly futuristic Earth, and a place known formerly as Z.O.N.E., named for its four allied nations: Zumiki, Orari, Nomulai, and Erison. The nations broke their alliance and changed their names when one dreadful day, a jealous brother betrayed his own blood and slayed his older brother, the king of Zumiki. Ever since, a curse has hung over the jealous prince, permanently bonding him to his dark castle and turning all of his followers into beast men. Antoinette with the aid of her friends and the teachings of her parents must overcome the darkness that threatens to take over both worlds. But there is also a darkness that is growing in her older brother, Vincent. Will she be able to stand up against her own brother and restore peace to the worlds?


         Inside each of us, there exists a great power. It is especially in the midst of pure darkness where even the smallest of flames shine as bright as the radiant sun. Know that though doubt and despair may try to worm their way into your heart, you are never alone.

         From a new mind comes the inspirational story of a young girl who must rise above many challenges in order to become a warrior. Adhering to the powerful lessons that her parents taught her, she must find the light in a dark and chaotic world.

Trust. You are never alone. Have courage and strength always. 

- Eien's Emblem

Naga Ceyon

You are never alone

Storms are part of who you are, so you cannot get rid of them. But you can learn to understand and embrace them, and when you do, you take their negative power away.

Inside each of us

Exists great power...

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Notori: Be Courageous 

Antoinette's journey continues.

Book 3 of The Zone Chronicles

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-Naga Ceyon